How Life Swap helps residents and housing staff
to break down stigma and challenge stereotypes.

There are approximately 4.1 million social homes in England and Wales and thousands of people working in the sector.

That’s millions of people who work and live in social housing with different opinions, ways of thinking

and opportunities for new ideas.

It sounds obvious to state but we all deserve to live and work in an environment that’s free of discrimination, harassment, stigma and victimisation.

Home Group and Tpas believe that tenants and housing practitioners alike have an important

role to play in actively challenging

prejudice and inequality.

Life Swap gives us the power to ask questions, listen, understand and ultimately change the way we think, act and work.

"I always thought I had a good understanding of diversity but this was the first time I have met and spoken to a transgender woman and it really helped me to appreciate the issues she faces on a day to day basis."